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MALIKA from Paris

"I have worked with Andrea on a number of occasions, and I have discovered her methods with happiness. I fell in love with her approach. I had never experienced sound in this way.


There was such power, I was amazed how deeply the vibrations of music could touch, heal, soothe, and question the body. What a delight to work with methods that seem so simple for the patient to receive. I came out of these sessions, cleansed and refreshed.


With these sessions everything seems simple and secure. Andrea is a great therapist. It is with immense joy that I recommend her work to all! “

KONSTANZE from Paris

"I have  known Andrea for only a short amount of time, but the moments spent together have left a deep impression on me and can be felt in my soul. 


I can’t decide if I preferred her individual or her group sound-sessions, both were equally powerful and deeply relaxing. But Andrea does more than sound therapy,  way more if you wish. She will accompany you with words and especially with the sounds you need  along whatever path you are on, whether it is a path of mental or physical healing."

ASHLEY from Texas

“The creativity workshop was great. I have loved you for all your light. Thanks for sharing your joy with us all.  Thanks for teaching me – for mentoring me – for showing us how to step back in time and enjoy “Old fashioned fun”! You’ve been a beautiful example of life. May you continue to spread your flowers across the sea.”  

Hayley from Italy

Andrea is a truly generous soul who knows how to gently guide others, providing a safe and comforting environment, especially in challenging times of change, sharing her beautiful light and positive energy to help pave the way for a brighter future for us all. I was blessed to take part in one of her 12 week online offerings in Covid times of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, that proved to be a beautiful and enlightening adventure, discovering and dancing with our inner artists, whatever our path may be! 

VALY from Paris

"Andrea Lowry and I met two years ago and our meetings included personal and professional experiences. Following a surgery related to digestive health problems, Andrea offered me a place in her case study sessions. The sound therapy approach for me, could possibly be used as an alternative to high doses of a medication that is too heavy for my taste. It was a very interesting idea ... so I agreed to participate. Her approach, as a group 'sound therapist', was primarily based on passive listening that excluded all personal judgment, with brief, optional, exchanges and sharing of the experience at the end. While these sessions have had no curative effect, they have certainly been beneficial and surprisingly relieved some pain for a few hours and even as long as a few days, which was the goal. I can only thank Andrea for opening a new path to this approach that I will explore further."

LAUREN ROSE from Paris

"I have known Andrea for several years and worked with her in a professional and personal capacity. As an expressive arts class student, I found her teaching to be inspirational and effective. Her manner is enthusiastic but grounded. People who work with her will have the opportunity to creatively experience themselves as they deeply grow from the inside out. As a participant in her BAST case studies, I found her to be a thoughtful, gentle, and thorough therapist. I recommend her Sound Scapes for inner exploration, and her Sound Baths for relaxation."

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