Offerings Include

Group Sound Bath

Small group and individual Sound Bath and Gong Bath meditations as well as Sonic Soundscape performances are offered on ZOOM and outdoors in a private garden in Hampstead, London. Physical distancing will be strictly observed. Sessions will be held in the open, weather permitting. The tonal instruments used are Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks. Most sessions end with a therapeutic percussion sequence and processing. Sessions can include vocal techniques of toning  and overtoning. Current small group Sound Baths correspond with Full Moon and New Moon. £15 per person group rate with reservation. Multi-session discount cards available. 

Group Drumming Circle

Group Drumming and Rhythm Circles for all ages are provided on Zoom, only at this time.  Drumming circles provide the opportunity to experience rhythmic give and take, listening, and the opportunity of really being heard. There are endless ways to benefit from the possibilities held within a drumming circle. Come discover the beat within you. Due to Covid 19, these classes are not offered at this time.

Individual Voice Therapy

We currently offer individual Voice Therapy sessions on ZOOM. This work provides an opportunity for persons to creatively explore their natural and authentic voice and to delve more deeply into the journey of self discovery. This process is great for performers, public speakers, teachers, choral singers or anyone who uses their voice regularly - it enables insightful work on performance anxiety, fears, loss of function, bereavement, trauma, phobias – anything that holds them back in life. These techniques help people to reframe negative thoughts and behaviors in a new and more positive way. Anyone who would like to improve their presentation skills in English can also benefit! 

Expressive Arts Classes and Workshops


Looking to get in touch with your creative side? We offer small group and individual mentoring classes online and in Hampstead London. Now is the time to schedule  your next  Expressive Arts class. These empowering sessions and workshops are for singers, dancers, actors, potters, designers, domestic goddesses, and non-artists alike. The groups may include Creating in mixed art media, Musical exploration, Mindful guided meditations, and Psychodrama exploratory techniques. The group focuses on leading an authentic and creative life, giving your inner artist full voice. 

Bespoke Online Courses

As a response to COVID-19, all services above are currently available online. 

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