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Are you offering sessions in Belgium?

Yes - contact me at for the latest information on

Sound Journeys, private sessions, classes, and workshops. 

What is Sound Therapy? 

The BAST method of Sound Therapy uses sound, music and specialized instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing. Whether in a group, 1:1 class or a workshop, Sound Practices has something for everyone. If you would like to listen to a sample - go to 57 minutes in this World Peace Day Broadcast of WorldwideFM, from 2021,  It is a Soundscape called Invocation for Peace. 

How does it work?

Using primarily the BAST method, therapeutic sound and music therapy techniques are delivered using tonal instruments, rhythmic instruments and voice. What happens in a sound journey (also called a Sound Bath in some countries)? The waves of sound that wash over your body have been shown to calm the nervous system and balance the subtle body. The tonal instruments used are Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and voice. Most sessions close with percussion and processing. The vocal techniques we use are toning (the singing of one tone – usually using a vowel sound), overtoning (a technique where more than one tone is sung simultaneously). A practitioner of Holistic Voice Therapy or Group Voice Therapy may also use active ‘Vocal Processing Techniques’ which combine movement, breath and visualization as well as voice. A therapeutic rhythm session is given with therapist and clients using frame drums and percussion instruments - comprised of  rain sticks, shakers, chimes and other percussion tools delivered in a specific order to maximize the therapeutic process. Sessions are client centered and tailored to the individual needs of each person.

What can Sound Therapy sessions work on?

Research shows that sound therapy can address a variety of different ailments. In a sound therapy treatment we play a combination of ancient and modern instruments to gently bathe the body in vibrations - at a cellular level. A good sound therapist or practitioner will know which instruments and sounds to use to help the system to balance itself by releasing the denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state. Over the years many of our clients have made life-changing discoveries. We have worked with individuals with chronic pain, cancer, stress-related illnesses, IBS, tinnitus, mild depression, anxiety, arthritis and so much more. Whether you come for regular ‘tune ups', relaxation sessions, or have a chronic long-term illness, sound could help you to enjoy an improved quality of life.

What if I am tense and anxious - and I just want to relax more ?

Come and explore the possibilities. "Even if you consider yourself to be in the best of health, regular treatment sessions could strengthen the system and therefore help prevent future illness and disease. Sound therapy not only helps with physical illness, it can also help balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind. Sound could also help you to reach your fullest potential and many people have enhanced their lives by working with our techniques.

It is important to note that sound therapy is a complementary medicine that works really well alongside orthodox medicine but is not intended to replace any orthodox medical treatment or medication that an individual may be receiving/taking. "

EXERPT - Blog from Healthy Sound website -

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