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We offer client-centered Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Expressive Arts Classes - These techniques refer to a range of approaches in which sound is used to treat physical and emotional concerns, or to learn new life skills. Bookings are currently available online, and in Hampstead, London. To support government required isolation - video and phone sessions are now available, and are especially effective when used with headphones. 


We primarily use the BAST method of SOUND THERAPY for individualized sessions and group work. These methods are designed to serve persons who are experiencing stress, life transitions, persons dealing with chronic pain, those who find it difficult to express themselves with words, persons with creative blocks, those wishing to develop better interpersonal relating skills, or anyone who would like to explore personal growth and increase self awareness. 

Expressive Arts classes and workshops offer an exciting exploration into a more creative life. This involves learning new skills to overcome blocks and develop self-care.  The groups focus on leading an authentic and creative life, giving your inner artist full voice. Greatly influenced by Julia Cameron's Artist's Way, we also encourage creativity as a spiritual practice. Here is a lovely link to a BBC 4 Radio interview that focused on Sound Therapy and Music Therapy https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000g3hz

** In response to the pandemic, we are now offering The AW Next Level and ART AS LIFE classes in a ZOOM video format. This 12 week exploration into a more creative life is forming Seasonal groups. Normally £10 -15 per class. Full and partial cholarships are available; e-mail info@soundpractices.org and please tell us a bit about -

1. How you feel this course relates to your life’s purpose, mission or path.*

2. How do you intend to apply what you learn from this program and "Pay It Forward" to others? * 

3. Why financial assistance is important to you at this time.* 

4. List any betterment projects, groups or activities you give your time and energy to.*

*500 words or less.

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