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What we do best

We offer person-centered, Expressive Arts Classes, Mentoring, and performances in English at no cost - These approaches offer activities in which words and sound are used to inspire, enliven, and learn new life skills. To support government required distancing and safety - video and phone sessions are now available through Zoom technology.


If you are are experiencing stress, life transitions, isolation or you if you find it difficult to express yourself with words, these classes might be for you. If you are a person that feels creatively blocked, or burned out - this might be a call to inspiration. If you are just wishing to develop better interpersonal relating skills, or want to explore personal growth to increase your self awareness, book a class or individual session.

The support groups and sessions focus on leading authentic and creative lives, giving our inner artists full voice. Greatly influenced by Julia Cameron's Artist's Way, we also encourage creativity as a spiritual practice.


Here is a lovely link to a BBC 4 Radio interview that focused on Sound Therapy and Music Therapy by Andrea in the UK Here is a link of her work with WorldwideFM' International World Peace Day Broadcast 2021<.

My piece at 57 minutes is called Invocation for Peace and is a sample of my previous work.  

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